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Wall Street 2.0 Training
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Wall Street 2.0 Training
A complete method
  • Create your winning trading system
  • Mastering the ‘opportunistic’ approach
  • Mastering the ‘statistical’ approach
  • Quickly reach the level of a professional trader
  • Optimize your performance effectively
Your training is 100% fundable thanks to our broker partner eToro, a world-renowned broker. Take advantage of this opportunity, take action, start trading.
*Subject to your eligibility.
They trust us:
CEO, Acme, Inc.

Hello team! I opened my trading account at the end of December and took the Wall Street 2.0 training. +26% performance in one month of trading (including ongoing trades). Thank you to the whole ARYA team for the great work they do 😬

CEO, Acme, Inc.

Through WS2.0, I learned to detect certain figures that suggest a winning trade and to know how to program and test ARYA for a launch over a medium term period.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

Hello dear community! I finished the WS 2.0 training this weekend which allowed me to restore some order in my trading. Thank you ARYA!

CEO, Acme, Inc.

Hello everyone !! I finally decided to tease a bit the statistical approach 😎To carry out backtests with a strategy, I right-clicked on the graph -> Expert advisor -> and Strategy tester. Thank you for your help ✌️✌️

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. Who understands it wins it, and who does not understand it pays it.

- Albert Einstein

If you don’t make money while you sleep, you’ll be working for the rest of your life.

- Warren Buffet