Learn to trade like a Wall Street professional.
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Improve your trading style and performance.
Often, it's just a few tweaks to your strategy that can propel your returns and make all the difference to your performance. Discover the power of the U method, the importance of your risk-reward ratio, and the clever techniques you can incorporate into your own strategy.
Module 1: Introduction to trading
10 years of trading experience, summarised in this module to get you up to speed with what’s really important.
Module 2: Learn why professionals use maths to gain an edge
Create a mathematical advantage to maximise your trading gains over time.
Module 3: Master your analysis before a trade
Learn how to perform fundamental and technical analysis to take advantage of market trends.
Module 4: The opportunistic approach
Use market anomalies to “buy the dip” at the best opportunities.
Module 5: The statistical approach
Use your mathematical advantage to repeatedly bank profits from a rising trend.
With the Wall Street training, learn to:
  • Diversify your sources of passive incomeand maximise your time/money ratio.
  • Take your trading knowledge to the next level,
    and integrate a professional trend following strategy.
  • Create an automated trading system
    and optimise it to work on all asset classes.
  • Manage your portfolio with technology
    and eliminate the stress of missing the perfect entry.
  • Secure and grow your capital
    by beating 85% of traders who lose money by preserving your capital.
  • Develop a master mindset
    and align your vision with professionals and focus on long term gains.
Your path to success.
Diversify your sources of passive income
Simplify your approach. Discover a professional trading strategy condensed into an effective and easy-to-follow course.
Build your portfolio by following market trends
Choose the right opportunities and understand the power of a trading plan. Place your trades and start profiting.
Maximise your profits through automation
Leverage the power of technology to increase your return while saving time. Keep your portfolio optimised in just a few hours each week.
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