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RLT Training
249 $

Did you know that your training is 100% fundable thanks to our broker partner eToro*?

eToro is a world-renowned broker. Take action, start trading and they will finance your training.

*Subject to your eligibility.


• Votre formation RLT

• L’accès a notre dashboard e-learning avec des dizaines d’heures de cours gratuits

• Des sessions de coaching avec nos experts (Hebdomadaire)

• Échangez, partagez, suivez vos experts préférés sur l’App ARYA

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RLT Training
A complete method
  • Learn the stock market basics
  • Buy the right stocks
  • Create a balanced portfolio
  • Improve your long-term returns
  • Manage your investments easily
Your training is 100% fundable thanks to our broker partner eToro, a world-renowned broker. Take advantage of this opportunity, take action, start trading.
*Subject to your eligibility.
They trust us:
CEO, Acme, Inc.

+11.57% after 6 months of registration on eToro! The RLT training is not just for investing on eToro, it allows you to understand a little more about the stock market. I recommend this training to everyone!

CEO, Acme, Inc.

Hello! Me it's +27% on the Greenbull portfolio since 05/31/2022. I started with 400€ and allowance every month. When we tell you that RLT is great! 😉

CEO, Acme, Inc.

The RLT training is super interesting to successfully understand what you do and how to do it yourself and not just copy (well we agree that to start copying it's not bad until you integrate everything and learn 😉.

CEO, Acme, Inc.

Hello friends! I started Monday with ARYA, +4.6% over the week, taking only 15 minutes a day, it's incredible. I'm quite satisfied even though I could have done better if I hadn't made rookie mistakes. Thank you to the entire Greenbull ecosystem and to the entire community which is extraordinary : RLT, software, training…

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. Who understands it wins it, and who does not understand it pays it.

- Albert Einstein

If you don’t make money while you sleep, you’ll be working for the rest of your life.

- Warren Buffet